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How We Work

Our process is one of collaboration. We start by listening and learning. Then we provide innovative, customized solutions to achieve results and help organizations thrive.

We bring a personalized approach to

every project, acting as external partners

to increase the organizational capacity

of nonprofits by addressing

critical needs in key areas.

Our emphasis on collaborative partnership means we take the time to understand the unique culture, concerns and challenges of each organization from the outset of the relationship.

What We Do

Our focus on capacity building has several fundamental components: resource development, organizational effectiveness and leadership development. In each case, we work to help organizations establish a long-term vision to drive the plan for achieving their goals.

We start with an assessment, which can provide key insights and information that organizations may be missing and is the first step in providing a framework for

clarifying, prioritizing and planning.  The assessment process may include

some or all of the following:

Capacity Building Readiness Assessment

Development Assessments

Stakeholder Feedback

SWOT Analysis

Internal & External Scans

Data Analysis

Resource Development


We believe in the value of building a donor focused culture to deepen and maintain the connection between an organization and its supporters.


We can help boost fundraising impact

through short term projects such as:

Developing Donor Engagement Initiatives

Annual appeals

Facilitating Board Retreats

For more complex resource development needs, we assist in developing a strategic fundraising plan to strengthen an organization's funding base.


We help organizations create a culture of philanthropy and improve their

fundraising efforts, with a focus on: 

 Assessment & Planning

 Donor Development

Training & Coaching of Staff &Board Members

Organizational Effectiveness & Leadership Development

We help organizations maximize their effectiveness with a keen eye for solutions that increase organizational capacity.

Strategic Planning & Assessment

Project Management

Leadership Coaching

Board Recruitment & Development

Executive Search 


We provide support for strategic thinking and problem solving, helping generate new ideas or determine what additional resources an organization may need. 

Our customized approach to each project emphasizes the development of rich working relationships with senior leadership, staff, and board members. By implementing a mix of analytical methodologies we are able to customize solutions for the unique challenges facing nonprofits of any size. 


More on our Executive Search services...

We work as partners with our clients and utilize a team approach to gain multiple perspectives on identifying and evaluating prospects for senior leadership positions.


​ Management Team Placement
Candidate Profile Development & Identification
Team Based Interviewing & Assessment
 Partial or Complete Search Support
Baker McGee Consulting is committed to facilitating our client's
ability to build capacity, achieve sustainability and increase impact.
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